Friday, January 2, 2009

VPN Magic

I recently came across this new startup. Now these guys are offering lifetime VPN services on a 10Gb unmetered virtual pipe for the amazing promotional price of $29. Before starting Jazinga, me and a friend who was one of the people responsible for turning the interconnection facilities at 151 Front street in Toronto, Canada into the premier data hotel it is, had a vision for a similar business, and in specific targeting bittorrent users. So we built a prototype but in the end decided that it was not the right time for such a venture because of the belief we had, and still do, that there is absolutely no way you can sell a 1Mb blended, unmetered virtual pipe (they claim 10Gb!) for less than $90 a year. With the extra costs of support, it became evident to us that it would be no better than reselling DSL with value added VPN services.

In fairness, the fee of $29 is a promotion, but unless their general claim of a "one time low fee" means at least $1500, personally, I would rather trust my money with Madoff.

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