Friday, March 20, 2009

Summer Jobs at Gulf Pearl

Summer break is coming soon and we at Gulf Pearl are interested in meeting motivated and industrious students who want to expand their skills and challenge themselves.

For any students interested in a rewarding summer job, areas you will gain experience in are:

  • Working effectively in a team
  • Following good software design
  • Understanding the importance of usability
  • Building applications for highly constrained embedded systems
  • Learning the importance of wireless mesh technologies in emerging consumer electronics
  • The amazing squirrel programing language and Adobe Flex/Actionscript.

Apart from your creativity, thoroughness and diligence in delivering quality work, the only technical qualifications we are looking for are:

  • that you are a student who has completed second year computer science, electrical engineering or a related subject with good standing(if you consider yourself a good programmer apply regardless of your area of study) .
  • Competent with the Linux shell and development environments including version control and agile team tools.
  • Demonstrated competence with an MVC web framework.
  • If you are interested in working on the user interface aspects of our projects then experience with GUI development and software patterns using any of Java, Objective-C, C++ or most preferably Adobe Flex would be required.
Please send resumes to and pass this info on to anyone that you think might be interested.


Atif Raza said...

is this for the entire summer? i am very interested in this, but unfortunately i am only around until the end of june

Shidan said...

Razzz, can you send your resume to Thanks.