Friday, March 20, 2009

Summer Jobs at Gulf Pearl

Summer break is coming soon and we at Gulf Pearl are interested in meeting motivated and industrious students who want to expand their skills and challenge themselves.

For any students interested in a rewarding summer job, areas you will gain experience in are:

  • Working effectively in a team
  • Following good software design
  • Understanding the importance of usability
  • Building applications for highly constrained embedded systems
  • Learning the importance of wireless mesh technologies in emerging consumer electronics
  • The amazing squirrel programing language and Adobe Flex/Actionscript.

Apart from your creativity, thoroughness and diligence in delivering quality work, the only technical qualifications we are looking for are:

  • that you are a student who has completed second year computer science, electrical engineering or a related subject with good standing(if you consider yourself a good programmer apply regardless of your area of study) .
  • Competent with the Linux shell and development environments including version control and agile team tools.
  • Demonstrated competence with an MVC web framework.
  • If you are interested in working on the user interface aspects of our projects then experience with GUI development and software patterns using any of Java, Objective-C, C++ or most preferably Adobe Flex would be required.
Please send resumes to and pass this info on to anyone that you think might be interested.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Magic Hardware is Open for Business

I'm happy to announce that Magic Hardware, Gulf Pearl Ltd.'s store for wireless home automation and IP based surveillance equipment is open for business. The site still needs some finishing touches; namely a professional layout, credit card processing and integration with our eBay store. Our target date for finishing these is May 5th. However, we are ready to take orders manually so take a look at our brochure. We're confident that including shipping costs our pricing is the most reasonable for Canada. Until late summer we will limit sales through our online store to Canada.

Magic Hardware is part of a larger venture of ours covering the markets of physical security information management (PSIM) and home automation for the masses. We believe the right company can bring these technologies to mass market and we want to give a shot at making this happen. We hope to share our accomplishments and the technology we are developing this summer, until then I recommend reading my Home Services series of articles. They will give you a good overview of some aspects of the market.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next Gen Plumbing

Reading the 4ward project website: . Considering #4ward & #OpenFlow looks like networking might be interesting again.

In addition to my above tweet, with regards to 4ward, every technical executive in the telecoms industry should get why network virtualization is important but NetInf is something that looks quite exciting and novel. If I understand correctly, it has the potential to really impact the Semantic Web as well as the Web of Things. With regards to OpenFlow, if I was a technology executive or product manager in charge of enterprise routing at Cisco, I wouldn't let this slide of my radar. The seperation and centralized clustering of the control plane is how things should have always been. Maybe one day I will write more on why OpenFlow excites me and for similar reasons why I consider P2PSIP to be a bad idea.