Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next Gen Plumbing

Reading the 4ward project website: http://bit.ly/HpxDg . Considering #4ward & #OpenFlow looks like networking might be interesting again.

In addition to my above tweet, with regards to 4ward, every technical executive in the telecoms industry should get why network virtualization is important but NetInf is something that looks quite exciting and novel. If I understand correctly, it has the potential to really impact the Semantic Web as well as the Web of Things. With regards to OpenFlow, if I was a technology executive or product manager in charge of enterprise routing at Cisco, I wouldn't let this slide of my radar. The seperation and centralized clustering of the control plane is how things should have always been. Maybe one day I will write more on why OpenFlow excites me and for similar reasons why I consider P2PSIP to be a bad idea.  


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