Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Jinni & TV

I found Shelly Palmer's article "The Real Time Future of Television" to be quite interesting and I recommend anyone who is interested in the future of the media & entertainment industry to follow his blog. The enabling platforms for what he labels the "Data-based Digital Television Solution" are being developed by companies such as Ericsson, Dilithium, and my own, Home Jinni Inc..

Speaking for Home Jinni, we are using the same building blocks that fire the VoIP revolution to bring
Unified Communications to the television. similar to the picture Shelly painted; media will be delivered as a bundle of individually controllable streams, but still act as one cohesive unit. Furthermore, these building blocks will make television an individual user experience and pervasive; the media will no longer be delivered to a fixed location, but rather the platform will deliver tailored content to the individual and any device capable of playback which the user has presence on. One last thing I would like to say about Home Jinni, in specific, is that we are not building an IPTV platform for MSOs and other incumbant carriers. Rather we are building a platform which we hope, among other things, will redefine the role of television networks and distribution models. Probably, this is one major difference between us and the mentioned competitors.

Our vision is that of a platform which enables what Shellly talks about as the
Tom Sawyer Paint The Fence Paradigm.” The SIPifcation of media, an open API for meta-data together with what we believe to be our special "secret sauce" will enable a whole new commercial ecosystem and a new definition for the media distribution chain. We hope that our platform will play it's part in democratizing television while maintaining the role and rights of the "higher links" and enabling a whole new class of Internet based service providers who will be competitive with traditional television service operators.

It seems that being excited with television and the connected home is common with many other people who come from the grass roots of open source telephony., we're seeing a big wave coming from a mile away and we just know from our experiences that this one will break into a wild ride.

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