Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Smart Grid Summit

To share some news; after some brain storming and back channel discussions with some really far sighted people who are architecting what will be considered one of the major communications infrastructures of the past 200 years, it became clear to both Jon Arnold and I that it's not only time but, in fact, crucial for a meeting of the minds between key thought leaders from the energy, communications and IT industries. We are arranging a conference later this summer in Los Angeles with some truly brilliant people and hope that the visions they will share with each other will help solidify what the concept of a smart grid really entails and refine their viewpoints on the key decisions that have to be made in this space. Our focus will be conversations around grid interoperability, home energy management and home interoperability and, looking at it from the other direction, how a smart utility can change the communications industry.

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Ro said...

Your 9/9/9 article at TMCNet was excellent!...we, consumers, hope to learn more to slew the "energy vampires," embrace more conservation, reduce price through competition in our true American democratic way. We hope that roads on this journey remains open to all elements of clean and efficient energy, not just the Utilities' financially beneficial start of Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery. @rgabe on twitter